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Intel Compute Stick

Compute Stick

Intel Compute Stick

Intel have been working on a series of lower power devices and have created the Compute Stick to rival the Amazon Fire TV; Google Chromecast and others.

The Compute Stick is a computer in the format of an oversized memory stick. You plug one end into a HDMI port on a monitor or TV and then use a bluetooth keyboard and mouse to interact with it.

You effectively have a Windows PC ready for use without the usual desktop clutter of a large case.

The first generation relied on Intel's Atom X series processor which was designed to be low power but unfortunately it lacks the processor performance. Also, the storage capacity of 32GB and only 2GB onboard was too small for most users. Windows would run incredibly slow given such small resources.

The second generation relies on Intel's mobile chip technology, which brings more performance with low power consumption. Intel have increased the memory capacity to 4GB and storage capacity to 64GB.

  • BLKSTK2M364CC - Intel m3 processor without operating system for around £255.
  • STK2M3W64CC - Intel m3 processor with Windows 10 installed for around £355.
  • STK2mv64CC - Intel m5 processor without operating system for around £485.