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Fixing a non-booting Windows XP with a Windows 7 DVD

Fixing a non-booting Windows XP with a Windows 7 DVD

A few weeks ago, my sister's work laptop crashed and got itself into what is known as a boot loop, where it would start, present a menu and whatever choice was made, it would start Windows and then blue screen and restart to the same place. The Blue screen error was a code 24 which means NTFS disk fault, one of those errors that cannot be fixed by Windows itself and requires outside assistance.

I don't have my Windows XP CD with me (since Microsoft made the operating system obsolete in April 2014) but it turned out that I can boot from a Windows USB stick I bought from Amazon a few years ago. The repair process will also work with the DVD, so here goes:

  • Insert the bootable DVD or USB and tell the computer to start from that (you may need to press a function key in order to change the boot order)
  • Once the boot process has got to showing a screen to Install Windows, hold down shift and press the function key F10.
  • This will open a command prompt, so now you can fix the following:
  • bootsect.exe /nt52 C:
    • to fix the boot sector
  • bootsect.exe /nt52 C: /mbr
    • to fix the Master Boot Record
  • chkdsk /f C:
    • to find and repair problems on the drive.

Once you close the boxes and reboot, the computer may work properly.