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Mailbutler - Add on for Apple Mail to add gmail like features.


Apple Mail is a basic email program. Once you install the Mailbutler, you get a personal assistant with everything you need to use email effectively.

10 Essential features are added with the free version, which gives you the ability to undo a sent email; send large attachments and pause the inbox so you can schedule exactly when you will receive emails which enables you to get on with other tasks. Another key feature is unsubscribe button that enables you to easily leave a mailing list.

Their professional package enables more features such as:

  • Snooze - You can set some emails to be hidden for a scheduled time so you can work on other emails.
  • Scheduling - You can schedule when an email will be sent.
  • Open Tracking - Tell when the recipient has opened your email
  • Notes - Send emails to the Note app
  • Signatures - Fancy signatures can easily be added to your emails.
  • Tasks - Turn your emails into a todo list
  • Message Templates - Use custom templates to make your emails look more professional.

They also have a business package, which gives more advanced features such as the ability to send emails to a CRM and more in-depth tracking for emails, as well as a person insight - find out more about the person you are emailing through their social media connections.

If the business is working in a team environment, the business package can be used to delegate emails to team menbers and track their progress through unified accounting.