Windows 10 20H2

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Every 6 months, Microsoft releases a new version of Windows 10. This new one for this year is the October update. You need to install these feature updates to keep Windows up to date. There are 3 different ways of getting the update.

1. Windows Update

Windows update is the normal route to get any updates. However, knowing it’s released and getting it through Windows updates is another matter.

If you open Settings (the cog in Start menu) then scroll to Update & Security you can get to the updates system.

2. Upgrade Tool

From Microsoft’s website, click on the Update now button, which will download the upgrade tool.

The upgrade tool downloads the update and installs it for you onto the computer. Often this is the easiest way to do it if the update is not available via Windows Update.

3. Offline Download Tool

If you more than one computer to upgrade, or you are downloading over a slow connection, it is better to create a bootable USB installer. You can use this to install a clean copy of Windows 10; repair a broken install as well as upgrade a computer.

Also from Microsoft’s website is the offline download tool. Click Download tool now.

This download tool can upgrade the computer you are working on, instead use it to create a bootable USB installer. It will download Windows 10 and copy the installer onto the memory stick.

Once you have done this, simply eject the memory stick and then plug it into each computer you need to upgrade, run the setup program and follow the on-screen instructions.

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