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I’ve been using the Internet for a long time (I started in 1994 with an account with Demon Internet) and have used web browsers pretty much since they were invented. Over the years, I have used many extensions.

My personal preference is Mozilla Firefox, as you can do so much more than you can with Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer (and less said about Edge the better) Let’s get on with it…

There are other adblock extensions out there, but Adblock Plus is the most well established and blocks the most content on websites that I’ve found, and is the most reliable.

Adverts are the biggest cause of malware and viruses on computers, so ridding them not only improves the speed your pages open, but also improves your browser cleanliness too.

Couple this with Pi-hole, which is a program that changes the location of bad websites to prevent them loading on your website, you can massively reduce the amount of malvertising you will see on the Internet.

F.B. Purity is a Facebook filter, it enables you to see only the content you want to see. If you don’t want to see adverts or sponsored posts, you can remove them. You can play with all the settings to make Facebook behave the way you want it to and tame the beast.

DF (Distraction Free) YouTube is a filter for YouTube that enables you to turn off anything that distracts you on their website, and you can access these settings easily, so you can customise what you see in a couple of clicks.

Let’s face it, Facebook is like a leaky sieve. Anything you do is monitored, including what you do when you click on links that leave the Facebook pages. With the Facebook Container, what happens in Facebook, stays in Facebook.

Like the Facebook Container above, you can keep Google from tracking you.

You can log in and use Google normally when in the Google Container. If you click on a non-Google link or navigate to a non-Google website in the URL bar, these pages will load outside of the container.

Let’s face it, with the number of passwords I have to remember on an hourly basis for all those websites I log into, I can’t remember my passwords so Show/Hide Password is ideal, I can click the link on a password field and instantly, those pesky stars are gone and my password is as clear as day.

There are thousands of websites out there that have useful tips and tricks that you want to read on your computer, or save for later.

Pocket is a brilliant service to do that across multiple devices, and In My Pocket makes it really easy to add sites to Pocket and see the items in your Pocket account with a single click. You can even search for things you have stored. It is so much more versatile than favorites/bookmarks.

Sometimes you really want to download a video from a website and show it to others, especially to friends who may not have the Internet or for some reason don’t have access to that video. You can click and download from the download helper.

Additionally, If you wish to see other video sites, they have a long list of public sites that their extension can download.

If there is a lot of content on a website, you can use Anchor Me to set a bookmark on a page exactly where you got to, so you can come back later at the exact spot and carry on reading.

This is especially useful in Reader mode

10. Tabliss

Normally, when you open a new tab or window, you get either a default web page or a blank page. Tabliss loads a free photo instead, so you see amazing photos on your tab.

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