6 year old technology


For years people have bought Intel and AMD computers thinking they are getting a good deal, but Apple has shown people that there is a better way of doing things, something that may shake up the PC industry.

14nm process

Every year, the thickness of the processor and other chips is manufactured on a thinner and thinner process.

This process makes the processor and other chips more efficient at what they do. By producing less heat, a processor can run faster or use electricity.

The problem in the industry is that Intel and AMD have been making processors with 6 year old technology.

2020 - 5nm process

5nm process is the latest technology for this year. If you imagine a processor could be almost 3 times faster than a 14nm producing the same amount of heat and drawing the same amount of power.

Apple has shown this year that their new M1 chips can be made with 5nm process and run rings around the Intel Macs that are 10 times the price. What will be telling is next year’s iMacs, Macbook Pros and Mac Pros when they refresh their processor line to non-Intel.

Gamers take note

If you are buying a games machine that has huge fans and has processor technology that is 6 years old when you buy it “new” are you really getting a great deal?

I don’t think it will be long before the whole computer industry is shaken to it’s foundations by Apple. Arm on your phone or tablet is one thing, Arm on the desktop is a serious game changer.

Isn’t it time you deserved better?

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