A is for…

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Since this is the first day of March, which is the start of the #IncreaseVSChallenge. The alphabet is a word that comes from the first two letters of the Greek alphabet, alpha and beta.

A is for Alpha

Alpha is the name for software that is currently being tested. You are experiencing the first version of the software and there will be loads of bugs, but you have the latest cutting edge version of it.

Alpha software moves to Beta, where is where the developers are close to making the official release of the software and want you to see if you can find bugs before they launch.

A is for ADHD

Last year, one month before lockdown I was diagnosed as having ADHD. ADHD people are 300% more likely to be successful in business, we have a driven ability to keep going through the worst of life. There are always challenges and we can power our way though them.

So, if you have an idea or want to start a business, get in touch with Optivo Increase VS, as they have free courses available, like “You can StartUp” and “Rebel Business School (previously PopUp Business School)” where you learn to start your own business without running up debt or getting a loan from the bank.

A is for Antivirus

On Windows PCs and Apple Macs, there is the possibility that your computer can be infected with a virus. Just like a virus that exists in the real world, which spreads by infecting cells and that cell propagates the virus to other cells, a computer virus infects a program and uses that program to infect other programs.

Related to viruses are trojans, named after the Trojan wooden horse that carried the effigy into the city to find the soldiers emerged and compromised the city. A trojan is a program that pretends to be something else.

Additionally, a worm is a program that worms it’s way through computers, which exploits a weakness in the computer.

Spyware is a program that spies on your computer activity, originally your Internet activity, but now with fast broadband, they can access everything you own, even your webcam and take control of your computer.

Adware is a program that sends you to their advertisers to make money.

Ransomware is a program that is installed on your computer and threatens to delete or corrupt all your files. Tomorrow, we will be covering backups which are important in preventing the problems caused by viruses and ransomware.

Antivirus programs make sure you have an element of protection from most viruses and other programs. However, there is a business that sells you products you don’t need.

Microsoft produces Windows Defender which is a free program that comes with Windows 10, that provides one of the best antivirus solutions. Supplement this with a periodic run through of MalwareBytes’ ADWCleaner to clear out any possible infections that get passed Windows Defender.

For the Mac, look at Avast Free Antivirus.

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