AIO Barebone PCs


All in One PCs have been around for some time, all you need is a keyboard and mouse. Some have a touch screen as well, with the idea of working with that alongside your mouse. The downside of an AIO PC is that you are limited with what upgrade options you have, so you need to consider throwing out your computer if you can’t upgrade it for the next operating system release.

The is the first time I have seen a barebone AIO PC, which offers the advantages of the AIO PC, with the advantage you can change the insides as you desire, and when the next operating system comes along, you can upgrade the insides and you have a perfectly usable AIO PC again.

What is a barebone PC?

Often, a barebone PC is a computer that comes with a case and motherboard and you provide the processor, memory and hard drive to make it work.

Or you just get the case and power supply, and you have to also provide the motherboard.

What is an AIO barebone PC?

With an AIO barebone PC, you get the monitor and a hatch at the back for the motherboard and relevant components to be installed with it. The cheaper models require a specific type that supports LVDS monitors as they only provide that as a connection. The more expensive units allow for any motherboard of a certain size to be used. You can even get them with water cooling.

You bring your own motherboard, processor, memory and hard drive

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