Bonding Internet with Speedify


I’ve noticed that some people on Zoom start to lag and break up when they are on a video meeting, this could be to do with other users in their house using the Internet at the same time or that the broadband is suffering.

Bonding a connection

In the past, businesses that had a lot of ISDN lines that they used for video conferencing had to use special hardware that would enable these lines to be treated as one line, since each ISDN2 line could give 2x64KB or 128KB so a company may have to bundle 5 or 6 lines together to get a fast enough connection to use video conferencing, and if one line dropped out, the video conference would crash.

Enter Speedify

Speedify is a special kind of VPN (Virtual Private Network) that allows you to bond 2 or more Internet connections together. If you have a smart phone with mobile data that supports tethering, a mobile wifi box and a home broadband, you can use Speedify to effectively join them all together as one faster connection. If one device drops out, the connection carries on without that device.

You can trial Speedify for up to 2GB per month, and they have a deal for individuals ($2.99 per month for 3 year plan for $107.64), families of up to 5 users ($4.50 per month for 3 year plan for $162) and for business teams ($5.99 per user/month for a year at $71.88 per user)

Once you have an account, you can use it on multiple devices at once.

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