C is for Code

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Apart from the fact that C is a programming language, one that I learnt in college and underpins pretty much how every operating system works (albeit some of it is C++) The #IncreaseVSChallenge is C is for Code. Let’s get to this…

Programming Languages

When I was a kid, I learnt to program in BASIC (Beginner’s All purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) on my parent’s Sinclair ZX Spectrum and at school with Commodore Pet and later on BBC Micros.

In college, I learnt Pascal then C then Ada and machine code and assembly language for 6502, Z80 and 68000.

At university, I learnt C++.

Later in the college, I learnt Visual Basic to create graphical programs.

In the workplace

I learnt Shell, which is the underlying language used by Unix servers to run simple commands to do complex processes. Later I learnt Perl and Tk and later PHP.

I created a number of projects in Perl which allowed my friends to read emails; convert scanned BMP files to web friendly JPG files; even an interface for the Office telephone system that tied into the company database, so when before the phone rang we knew exactly who was calling us, which department they were in and other useful information about them so when we answered the phone we were forearmed.

Self employment

I placed an ad in the Yellow Pages in my first year of trading and that got me a contact that needed PHP programming, which is something I still do.

If you have an idea of a bespoke project you want designed, get in touch and we can discuss it further.

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