Back in 1967, the Consumer Electronics Show was launched, and every year it shows off the latest tech every year in Las Vegas.

Integrated Tech

This year is the year of integrated tech, such as personal airbags to prevent injuries if you fall. The number of fractured hips in the elderly community could potentially be solved by a simple airbag design.

Health Tech

Health data is a big thing this year too, with a wealth of different devices that measure and assist people to get healthy. A wearable continuous glucose monitor to a home diagnostics tool that helps diagnose an illness through a smart device that can take different readings, connect to a GP and even do ear exams without needing to enter a doctor’s surgery. Another gadget is a wearable glove for stroke patients to gauge and assist their recovery.

Surveillance Tech

The latest in surveillance tech gives you a glimpse of the future, the doorbell with face recognition. You can be alerted to the caller at your door by their name, so you don’t need to watch footage on your phone.

Another company has made a floodlight camera that has a built in siren so if an intruder enters the property, an audio siren and two way communication system allows you to communicate with the intruder.

A “Home Drone” has been developed to record intruders and allow you to communicate with them as they enter your property.

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