Creating secure passwords

internet screen security protection

No matter what we do, our passwords can be compromised. The trick is to create unique passwords per website, but that is difficult because we still have to remember them, so what to do? Here is a guide to choosing a secure password that is easy to remember.

Password security

It is common for people to reuse the same password for multiple sites, and in the past I was guilty of that practice.

In the past, you could get away with a simple password but now more sites are switching to mixed case, numbers and symbols that make it harder to remember what your password was.

Remembering a password

Using a password manager has the disadvantage that passwords created by their software is often human-unfriendly. Instead you want to remember it easily.

Let’s say you order online from your favourite pizza restaurant, so you would want a password that is meaningful to you. 1MFPtc&boC! (One meat feast pizza thick crust and a bottle of Coke!)

Or your online bookshop: AMZN!Dfbm2 (Amazon! Don’t forget bookmarks two)

Make sure you don’t fall into the trap of repeating part of a password on every site. I used to put a postcode and then the name of the company, but if an account is compromised, the hacker can guess the password you used on another site. For example AB123CD@Amazon that has been used for AB123CD@Boots, and the Boots account was compromised, the hacker could replace Boots for Amazon and wreck havoc with your Amazon account.

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