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We live in a world where emails are commonplace, but we tend to ignore about 60% of them. We can subscribe to many mailing lists over the years and forget we did so.

Imagine if your computer broke, and when you logged back in, you had a 1,000 emails waiting for you, you’d rapidly go spare and if you don’t have the time to clear them, they will keep mounting up.


CleanerFox goes through your emails and finds subscriptions you can remove. You simply give them your email address and password, and then follow the on-screen instructions and it goes through and processes your mailing lists and subscriptions.

Once it has finished processing them, you can click and slide the subscription left to unsubscribe, slide up to keep the subscription, but delete the old emails from that subscription or slide right to keep that subscription.

Bookmarks Cleaner for Chrome

Bookmarks Clean Up extension goes through all your bookmarks and can find and remove duplicates as well as finding and removing dead link bookmarks in Google Chrome.


Bookmarks Cleaner for Firefox

Just like the version for Google Chrome, Bookmarks Clean Up extension for Firefox works exactly the same way.


AM-Deadlink is a standalone program for Windows that lists dead links in web browsers. You have to physically delete the dead links from your web browser.

Soft4Boost Toolbar Cleaner

Toolbars slow down your web browser experience, so Soft4Boost Toolbar Cleaner can scan through all your web browsers and you can remove those annoying toolbars easily.

MalwareBytes ADWCleaner

Adware and malware is a common problem with computers used on the Internet, as often the antivirus doesn’t catch these programs. MalwareBytes ADWCleaner is an Adware cleaner and removal tool that scans through your computer to remove nasties.

Unlike MalwareBytes’ main product, which is installed and runs in the background at all times, ADWCleaner is a one time program designed to clean and go. It also removes unwanted pre-installed programs that often come with computers.

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