Downloading videos


YouTube is a common place to find publicly accessible videos, you can watch a single video or a “channel” which is a collection of videos by that author.

4K Video Downloader

4K Video Downloader and 4K YouTube to MP3 are two programs that enable you to download videos, with the latter extracting audio for you rather than having to process the video later.


Videolan client (VLC) is a multi tool for video. You can take a video stream and save it or convert a video easily to audio.

Firefox Extensions

If you need to download video from a website that is not YouTube, and the 4K Video Downloader cannot download the video, or if its in a page then you need a different tool.

Video DownloadHelper

Most of the time, Video DownloadHelper will enable you to download a video, unless it is streamed by more secure services like Wistia.

[Advanced] Firefox Developer Mode

In Firefox, there is a developer mode that enables you to see content in different ways, but it also has a network tab. If the above methods don’t work, you can get the download link to the video. Once you have the link, you can use a video download tool like WinWget.

The process to get the link is as follows:

  1. Open the page with the video in Firefox
  2. Press F12 on your keyboard
  3. Choose the Network tab
  4. On the right, choose Media
  5. You may need to refresh the page.
  6. Start the video, the stream will show in the network window.
  7. Right click on the file, choose Copy then Copy URL.
  8. Open your downloader, such as WinWget and paste in the URL
  9. After downloading, rename the file a sensible name with the extension .mp4

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