E is for Education

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Education is important in these modern times. Technology changes so quickly and keeping ahead of everything is harder than people realise and being able to cope with the world takes a unique set of skills.

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Basic computer skills

The best starting point for education is to understand how your computer and devices work.

There are always little things you can learn to make your life easier, from simple key shortcuts or tricks you can do with the mouse that help you on a day to day basis.

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Learn the insides

This is easier on a desktop computer, because they are easier to open and have a look around. Take a paintbrush to fans and the heat sink and make sure everything is free from dust and dirt.

Learn what the parts do and how to upgrade them, as adding more memory and larger hard drives or replacing them with Solid State Drives can make your computer a lot faster.

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Research the software you use

Microsoft Office for instance is always changing, and learning to run Mail Merged documents can save time when it comes to addressing birthday and Christmas cards.

Excel has some really useful formulas that you can use to make life easier for yourself. I discovered a couple that I’m going to be using in my accounts.

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