eMMC laptops


What is eMMC?

eMMC (embedded MultiMediaCard) is a technology meant to replace the traditional hard drive in low end laptops. It works like a memory card in a digital camera, except it is soldered directly to the laptop’s motherboard.

This means it can never be upgraded, and is nowhere near as fast as a SSD.

Why is eMMC used?

In order to sell a very cheap low end computer, manufacturers have realised that selling something with very little storage capacity saves them loads of money.

What is the biggest downside?

Often the eMMC chip only has enough storage capacity for the operating system and a small amount for user’s files. They are meant to be used with cloud storage, so the user’s files are not stored on its measly on board storage.

Another problem comes when Windows needs updating and there is no space for the updates, this is where eMMC laptops really fall down. Critical updates cannot be installed because there is simply no space on the eMMC to store them.

How do I upgrade Windows on them?

The easy answer is: You don’t.

The complicated answer is by deception. You have to fool Windows into believing an external memory card is part of the eMMC. It is a horrible process, and if done incorrectly it can break the installation of Windows.

What do you advise?

If you are looking for a laptop, get one with a proper SSD. It will cost you around double the entry level computers will cost but you will have a fast, reliable computer that is easy to upgrade.

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