Evolution of WordPress


What did I start with?

When I first started trading, I started writing my own web site by hard coding the pages manually.

I learnt to write websites back in 1996, when I worked for an ISP in West London, so logically I used those skills to create my first business website.


I felt the need to write blog posts, so writing each page every time was a chore, so I tried a bunch of different ways of doing it until I settled with WordPress.

Theme Building with WordPress

I could use the stock themes, or buy one for the business but I found them inflexible.

Instead I found Headway Themes, which is a theme builder.

Working with WooCommerce

Back in 2016, I worked as a developer for a company in London that used WooCommerce to sell products online.

They used a different theme builder called Visual Composer, which was more modular than Headway Themes.

The downside of Visual Composer is that it cannot easily be transferred to another theme builder, and any mistake in editing can cripple the web page.

From WordPress back to static content

In 2017, I had re-discovered a website builder framework called Bootstrap using an editor called PineGrow that allowed a block to be dragged into your page, so if you wanted a specific block like a Jumbotron to be used on your website, you’d drag and drop it and you have a Jumbotron. 

By using static content, you can accelerate your website by not requiring any back end processing, but I still used WordPress for my blog.

Onto Elementor

In 2018 I needed to transfer over a site from a complex theme and Visual Composer setup to my server, unfortunately I didn’t own the theme at the time, and after purchasing I didn’t get on with it, so I rebuilt the website in Elementor, which is simple and easy, much like I found with PineGrow, where I could drag a block and customise it.

Elementor does a similar thing with WordPress, however it is much faster and more powerful, as the changes are a publish button away to being live.

So it was only logical to rewrite my website in Elementor.

Check out my review of Elementor here

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