Future ideas


Be the change is a mindset that I just dreamt up. We can change our world really easily with some materials around us. The great inventors changed their world by seeing something that wasn’t there, then making it possible.

It’s hard to think that Google, that empirical search engine that everyone thinks about using could come up with something so simple and cheap. A cardboard box for your smart phone and some cheap lenses and you have a Virtual Reality experience.

There is a huge difference between proper VR equipment and Google Cardboard however. You won’t get the full immersive experience without something like Occulus go, which retails for £139 from Argos but it does give you a taster into the VR world.

DIY Augmented Reality

Since Google Cardboard enabled users to view Virtual Reality using their existing smart phones, this creator has made DIY Augmented Reality using cardboard, lenses from a couple of magnifying glasses and an old CD case to work as the visor.  You can make it along with him and enter the new world of Augmented Reality.

Add a removable box at the front that obscures vision that you can remove and you have Mixed Reality.

If you were to go out an buy Augmented Reality glasses from Amazon, you’d be looking at around £900 for the ones that connect to an Android phone.

Build your own wind turbine

My great uncle used to go to the flea markets in Birmingham and see what he could use to make new projects from. One day he bought an old motor for a home made wind turbine, and he would have loved this video.

DIY Pressure washer

Old fridge compressors can be used to produce compressed air once they have been properly de-gassed and it is simple to turn them into a functioning pressure washer. Make sure you insulate the cable properly though.

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