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A table of Champion Awards similar to the award I won.

Increase VS (Valorisation Socialé) has run its course and has reached its goal of at least 15% of their housing association residents to start their own businesses. So at the 7th March Awards ceremony, Karen and I were nominated and both won Champion Awards.

What is Increase VS?

Interreg is a series of programmes to stimulate communication and cooperation between regions in and out of the European Union. Increase VS is one of these programmes and started in 2018. All the programmes come to an end at the end of March 2023.

French Housing Associations focussed on empowering housing association employees to help their residents and the UK Housing Associations focussed on empowering residents to start their own businesses.

Which housing associations took part?

In the UK: Optivo (now Southern Housing) in Kent and Sussex, Clarion Futures in Essex and Abri in Hampshire as well as the University of East Anglia.

In France: LogiRep, Pas-de-Calais Habitat, Archipel Habitat, and Neotoa and training providers We Ker and Inco.

How many awards were there?

There were 8 categories of awards, listed below. I have added links to the websites of the businesses and in bold are the winners of each award.

  • Viviane Chevalier, Véronique Darvogne, and Franck Bousigniere
  • Salariés formateurs au sein de l’Ecole de la Proximité représenté par Maïlys Lamy
  • Salomon Moise Kaane, Celine Ture, Ablavi Dekadjevi, and Khady Diouf
  • Dominique Henocq and Marie Irene Villalvila (Won)
  • Becki Breiner (Song Signing)
  • Adam Carley (TouchSkye Designs)
  • 85 ambassadeurs de PdCh and Mathilde Fryson
    Tuteurs de l’Ecole de la proximité représenté par Morgane Delaire (Won)
  • Ablavi Dekadjevi
  • Sarah George
  • Kat Hounsell (Small Goes Big)
  • Alexandre Lahoche and Bruno Griset
  • Salariés actuels d’Archipel habitat ayant été stagiaires à l’Ecole de la proximité représenté par Jean-Max Otello (Won)
  • Delroy Campbell (DAC Assocs)
  • Susan Bonnar

More Information

More information about the event can be found on the Increase VS Twitter here and the awards here. Additionally on Facebook here and Instagram here.

The Increase VS report can be found here.

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