J is for Jargon


One of the biggest problems with the computer industry is jargon, or language that means no sense to anyone outside the industry. Sometimes it is used to give a sense of importance or to make it harder for outsiders to understand what is going on.

Jargon Busters

In order to understand different fields, there are jargon busting sites that make it easier to understand what the terms mean. So I’ve compiled a few of the more useful ones here.

Get Safe Online

Get Safe Online is a website for online safety, they specialise in keeping you and your computer safe online for both personal and business use. You can find a mine of information on there in all topics of online safety. They have a jargon buster that covers most IT words.


Ofcom (Office for Communications – the government body in telecommunications) has a jargon buster for it’s sector too.

Anna Freud - On My Mind

Anna Freud is a national centres for children and families around mental health, and they have a mental health jargon buster.

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley has a jargon buster for the financial world so you can understand the terms used in that sector.


Advonet is an advocacy service in Leeds and they have a jargon buster for all things advocacy.

Oxford University Press

Oxford University Press have a word jargon buster. So you can find out what nouns, verbs and adverbs are among others.


MegaLexica is more an online dictionary site where you can browse the glossary for computer, law, legal abbreviations and medical terms.

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