Create your website on your computer with LocalWP

LocalWP - Run a localised version of WordPress on your computer and you can test your website out before making it live

Create your own WordPress websites from the comfort of your computer using LocalWP, it is a free program that enables you to install a local copy of WordPress on your computer and build your website quickly and easily. You can download this program from

If you are using Windows, there is a bug that prevents it from working with images, so download my fix here: then extract the zip file and right click on install.bat and choose Run as Administrator and the problem will be solved.

LocalWP - Run a localised version of WordPress on your computer and you can test your website out before making it live

I have created a set of videos on how to create your own website using LocalWP. The first video covers creating “My First Website”, which includes creating the account for WordPress as well as securing the site.

Adding a page in WordPress

You can create posts (blog posts) and pages with WordPress and they are similar so this tutorial video covers the creation of your first web page in WordPress using the new Gutenberg editor.

Spectra and extended Gutenberg blocks

After making that short video I realised I didn’t demonstrate some of the other blocks that are found in Gutenberg that might be useful to you. In this next video, I demonstrate these blocks to you as well as patterns of blocks that come with Gutenberg.

WordPress can be extended using plugins so I demonstrate Spectra, which was rebranded from Ultimate Addons for Gutenberg while I was re-recording the video and couldn’t find this plugin initially…


A website would not be complete without a form for your visitor to fill in. JetFormBuilder from Crocoblock, has the most advanced features of a form builder for Gutenberg and uses the simple block format to create the perfect form as quickly and easily, yet has advanced features like calculating fields that add up numbers in other fields and can even be used to take payment through PayPal.

The paid addons give you much more interesting options like the ability to take credit and debit card payment, have linked fields and output the contact details to a CRM, and so much more…


Gutenberg is a block editor, which is easy to use and relies on the website theme to do the work of styling and positioning the content you create.

Some people want a more hands on approach where they can choose the colours and fonts where they want and position their website exactly their way, so a page builder is what they need, and this tutorial shows how you can build your site using Elementor.

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