Move the taskbar in Windows 11

Windows 11 after registry hack to show the taskbar at the top, left and right side instead of stuck to the bottom by default.

One of the biggest gripes with Windows 11 is that the taskbar remains on the bottom, compared to previous versions where you could position it somewhere else on the screen. However, it is possible to change the screen position of the taskbar with a registry hack, or use a third party tool such as Explorer Patcher.

Changing the position of the taskbar in the Windows Registry for Windows 11

Windows 11 registry hack

You need to edit a binary value in the Windows registry, the picture above shows the exact location you need to change the number.

3 implies bottom, with 1 being top, 2 being right and 0 being left.

Explorer Patcher

Download Explorer Patcher from here and then you can do more than just fix the location of your taskbar.

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