Notion AI

Notion AI

Notion is a powerful block based note taking application. A block can be a basic formatting block like text, heading, etc. Or it could be media, embedded content, inline content or a powerful database with views like calendar, lists, table, gallery, kanban board and timeline (project management) and now there are AI features added.

What is Notion AI?

Notion AI wrote this about itself: “Notion AI is an AI tool that helps organizations collect, analyze, and visualize data. It can perform predictive analytics, allowing businesses to make informed decisions. Features include data collection, analysis, visualization, and predictive analytics. Notion AI automates data collection and analysis, providing real-time insights. It’s used in healthcare, finance, and marketing. However, it can’t replace human intuition and relies on accurate data. Despite this, the future of Notion AI is bright as AI plays an increasingly important role in business decision-making.”

How much does Notion AI cost?

Notion includes 20 AI responses included in the free plan. Unlimited AI responses costs $10 per user per month.

Notion is available from

If you need more features, like the

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