For many years, I have used Evernote as a note taking application, it was great to be able to clip websites to it and keep track of my to do etc. However, for a while I’ve not used it.


When Evernote first came out, I needed a note taking application to keep track of all my notes. I discovered GTD (Getting Things Done) and later TheSecretWeapon. However, since The Secret Weapon helped me organise my emails by importance, it was easy to get left behind by the torrent of emails I had to keep forwarding to Evernote.

I stopped using Evernote and went back to just using email. However, a Medium article rekindled my desire to look at Evernote, but in one of the comments was one about Notion.


Notion is an all-in-one workspace. This means you can use it for more than one task. You can use it as a note taking application that you can insert images, audio and video. You can also embed maps and other content from websites.

Think of Notion as a drop in replacement for project managers; task and todo lists; calendars; note taking; etc.


Notion is a powerful tool that can do so much with the concept that everything is a block, and everything is on pages as well as databases are collections of pages that can be viewed in different ways.

The latest view added is Timeline, so Gantt chart project management is so easy and you can see exactly where you are on any project.

Notion is free for anyone to use, but there are plans if you want to use it to share with others or work as a team. There is a web view, an app for Windows and Mac as well as an app for mobile phones and tablets as well as a web clipper. Use these and you gain credits you can use for the paid features.

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