Office update problems

Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote images as part of the Home and Student copy of Microsoft Office

I have heard reports that there is an issue with Office 2013 in regards to a message “The operating system is not configured to run this application” which is a truly nonsensical error message. Microsoft provides updates in the form of patches, but you can’t just reinstall the program as that leaves the patches in place, you have to physically download the older patch and install it on your system.

Office 2013

Microsoft has ended support for Office 2013 as of April. This also covers the version they call “Click to Run”.

There are 4 vulnerabilities that were found and fixed in the July update for Office 2013, if you need to install the July update, you can download each of the updates here.

There is a separate update for Excel, Word and Outlook.

Office 2016

If the same bug is found in Office 2016, then you will be able to find the updates on the same page as Office 2013.

Other versions

If you wish to install a different update month or for a different version, click here.

Note that there are no updates for versions older than 2013 as they were considered as discontinued. How long Microsoft keeps the updates around for 2013 is anyone’s guess.

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