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In this changing world, educating ourselves on different skills and training has become something we need to do at home. So I’ve compiled a few sites together in this blog post.

BBC Bitesize

The BBC have provided learning through their television programs for many years and with the advent of the Internet have been offering short courses for children through their Bitesize learning platform.

The BBC have broken down learning into four stages:

  • Primary – for 5-11 year olds
  • Key Stage 3 – for 11-14 year olds
  • GCSE – for 14-16 year olds
  • Post 16 – for 16+

The BBC bitesize website can be found at

Virgin Media have compiled a page of helpful educational links for children on their website.

You can find this at

Open University

The Open University (OU) has been providing distance learning courses since 1969 when it used the old TV studios and editing facilities of the BBC after they vacated.

They offer free courses through Open Learn and paid university courses. Each course gives a number of credits that you gain towards a degree.


Vision2Learn provide courses through further education colleges for people 19 and over. Courses may be free depending on circumstances.

Open Learning College

The Open Learning College provides home study courses for GCSE & A level, as well as childcare, health & social care and teaching. Enrolment on some courses starts from just £30 with the full cost of courses shown (for example GCSE Mathematics costs £275 when paid in full or instalments, it will cost £300)

New Skills Academy

New Skills Academy provides a wide variety of courses that are priced between the £20 – £200 mark.


Udemy is an online course provider that you use through a monthly subscription of £14.99. The bulk of their offerings are for business courses but they do have other courses available at


Udacity is a tech education company that partners with leading technology companies to teach people the skills that the tech industries need.


FutureLearn offer a variety of different packages, with some courses available through their Unlimited package, whilst others are Premium. They also offer access to degree courses through leading universities.

There are business and healthcare packages available on their site.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning (formerly called provides courses through the LinkedIn website. Once you pay for premium membership, you get access to all their courses included in the subscription, or you can buy the courses individually.


Duolingo provides a wide range of language courses over apps as well as over the web.

Health and Social Care

e-Learning for Healthcare

Social Care Institute for Excellence

Health Education England in partnership with the NHS provides a free service for NHS professionals called e-Learning for Healthcare at

Social Care for Excellence provides courses for health and social care professionals to train themselves in the skills they need.

Business Specific

Essential Site Skills

Essential Site Skills provides courses on all aspects of employment but specialise in site awareness, training and safety.

In addition to e-learning they offer plant training.

E-learning Centre

E-learning Centre provides business courses, more catered to offices with IT, Sales and Management courses, touching on the food industry and manual handling.

Other have a blog post of 60 best courses online for learning different skills in business. offers a gateway to free courses.

Studocu is a student-to-student knowledge exchange platform where students can share knowledge, college notes, and study guides.

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