I used to have a huge bookmarks list (favorites if you use Internet Explorer) in my browser on hundreds (if not thousands) of topics I’ve been interested in the past,  with the common ones on the toolbar. However, now I use a smartphone and a laptop as well as a desktop to do everything in my life, I needed something that would keep everything in one place.


Pocket is a web service for organising websites you want to keep hold of. There is an extension for most web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera) a desktop version for the Mac and an app for most smart phones, tablets and e-book readers.

You simply create an account, and add that account to any apps you use.

How to use Pocket

Let’s say I’m out and about and I come across a website that gives me an inspiration to write a blog post about, I will click the share icon on my phone, click Pocket and it’s done. I can move on to something else.

Later, I can click on Pocket and review the entries I have put in Pocket. I have an extension in Firefox called In my Pocket, which gives me a list and I choose what I want to read about or watch from there.

You can add tags so you can find things in Pocket easily. If only everything else was so easy in life that I could click, forget then pick up later.

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