Review sites

I have always used Trading Standards Buy With Confidence for my reviews and testimonials, however since they merged with Hampshire, I no longer get testimonials from them. You have to be in business for 18 months and have to have a good record for those 18 months, or at least that was the case when I signed up in 2007.

Other review sites

I have been tempted for a number of years to use some of the other review sites like CheckATrade or TrustPilot but I had an inkling at least in the early days that the review process wasn’t totally anonymous, which either puts people off, or puts people at risk.


Watch the video

Unfortunately, the other review sites have huge problems that businesses should be aware of as well as potential customers who rely on reviews to choose a business. David Savery has been making videos for some time in the domestic electrician market and I like his no nonsense approach.

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