Scam calls

I’ve just received an automated phone call to my voicemail that pertains to be from HMRC.


If you have ever dealt with the HMRC, you have to do everything by post. They send you letters through the post, they get you to send stuff back through the post. This is because postal documents are legal, in the same way as faxes were. They cannot be tampered with, which is why they are used in law.

An email or telephone call can be faked and tampered with, for instance this call pertains to come from HMRC, but from an 0203 896 number, which is a VOIP  number, which probably means they are not located in the UK, more likely in India.

Listen here:

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A reminder

HMRC use postal contact wherever possible, because it is a legal form of communication. The spoken word and email is not, so therefore any telephone calls or emails you receive is a SCAM.

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