What computers Windows 11 will not run on

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Since it is quite difficult to know what Microsoft Windows 11 won’t be able to be installed or run on, here is a quick guide that tells you which cannot run Windows 11. So I’ve compiled a list of logos that appear on laptops and some desktops so you can see if your device will support Windows 11.

AMD processors - All A series and FX series

AMD Ryzen processors 1000 and 2000 series (Ryzen 5 2600 works)

Intel Core i processors 7th generation and below

Don't have a logo on your PC?

You can do the CPU name from Command Prompt, so press Windows + R and type cmd, then press return.


wmic cpu get name

This reveals the CPU name. 1st generation Intel processors have 3 digits after the dash. 2nd to 9th have 4 digits and 10th upwards have 5 digits.

Only 8th generation processors and above are supported in Windows 11.

You can still buy computers that won’t support Windows 11, so be careful.

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