What is airprint?


It seems that printer manufacturers make printers more complex and you need their software and drivers to make the printer work, there must be a simpler way…

Apple AirPrint

Apple created AirPrint to get around the problem of printer drivers. If a printer is AirPrint compatible, you can connect to it with any Apple device and be able to print without needing to install a driver or mess around with CDs or anything like that.

AirPrint can do more than just allow you to print to a printer, it has support for location and geographical location, as AirPrint works over Wi-fi and over a VPN connection, so you could be connecting to a printer anywhere in the world over a VPN and if the person who installed the printer has set up the location and geographical location of the printer, then this avoids accidentally printing to the wrong printer in the wrong country.

Secure AirPrint

AirPrint was written at a time when security wasn’t a problem, that you wouldn’t think of people potentially reading what you were printing on a network.

Secure AirPrint provides encryption between your computer and the printer, so you can print anywhere and be safe in the knowledge that your printing will only be seen by you.

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