What monitor cable should I use?


Currently there are several common monitor cables in use with computers today these are:



Video Graphics Array (VGA) uses an analogue method of sending each colour from the computer to the monitor.

This is the older technology, it cannot deliver the quality that digital can, and it cannot deliver sound.



Digital Video Interface (DVI) is an odd standard as older models could use analogue as well as digital, but newer models are purely digital.

This connector type can only handle video and cannot deliver audio.


High Definition Media Interface (HDMI) is the most versatile connector available as it not only supports digital communication but it also supports audio.

HDMI encrypts the communication between the computer and the monitor to prevent eavesdropping and recording.

The following are less common, yet are set to becoming far more common over time as they build on older technology:

Display Port


Offering the same kind of technology as HDMI, the Display Port connector is unhindered by licences, so more manufacturers are implementing this connector.

Just like HDMI comes in a range of different sizes, so does Display Port.



Universal Serial Bus (USB) type C is now fast enough to carry video data. Although the connector is not commonly featured on computers, it will be the connector of the future.

Apple’s Thunderbolt 3 technology uses the USB C port to deliver video as well as data.

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