Wifi 6E and 6GHz


Back in 1997, it was the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers that created a standard for wireless networking we still use today.

Over the years, new revisions of these standards came out, with early standards only supporting 2Mbps and 20m indoor range. The latest standard called 802.11ax or simply Wifi 6 will offer speeds of upto 10Gbps and an indoor range of 35m.

Wifi 6 will use a new band alongside 2.4GHz an 5GHz, the currently unused 6GHz band. This means less interference with other devices and a faster throughput that offers a 4x improvement in speed over the previous generation.

Wifi 6 is currently support on Samsung S10 and Apple iPhone 11 mobile phones, which means users can upload and download content much faster than ever before on their home or corporate wireless networks.

Wifi 6E (the E meaning Extended) adds more usable bands in the 6GHz band for more data.

Hackers have always been a problem with wireless networks, so the introduction of WPA3 will help to prevent a lot of their attack methods.

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