I’ve been using Hullomail for some time now, it is a visual voicemail system that alerts you when someone calls and leaves a message on your voicemail. It alerts you through an app on your phone as well as emailing you the voicemail to your email address. You can customise the voicemail message received by the caller on the app.


Network provider voicemail is such a chore to use, you have to know what combination of keys to press (they differ between networks) and they charge you for listening to your voicemail.

I needed to find a solution for my business as calling voicemail when someone calls is a waste of time, and ties up the phone line while doing so.

Visual voicemail is the answer. Receiving the voicemail on the app removes the problem of tying up the line with their voicemail system and the ability to listen on another device really cuts down on having to use the phone to do the work.

I actually have two different visual voicemail systems, one for the landline number and the other for the mobile. The mobile uses Hullomail.

Plusnet doesn't work

I made the stupid mistake of switching to Plusnet for my mobile service and finding that their service doesn’t work with visual voicemail and if you try to set it up, you get no voicemail service at all. I wish they had put that on their website, so while the PAC code was being processed, I was without voicemail entirely, so quite a depressing September in that regard, as my phone doesn’t have good reception near the computer and regularly loses calls.


I’ve been using Hullomail since 2018 and it has been a life changer.

There is an audio transcription service that converts the spoken word into text, which makes it easier to read the voicemail than listen to it, especially with people who talk too long on the phone.

There is also a call blocker for nuisance callers and spam callers which drops their calls instead of letting them leave voicemail. It’s certainly work using with Truecaller to help identify scam and spam callers to send to voicemail or to block from receiving voicemail. 


Hullomail offers a Lite and Pro plan with a 2 week free trial. The Lite plan costs £2.99 per month or £29.99 per year and gives you 30 seconds of the call voice transcribed for the first 10 voicemails, voicemail messages can be up to 2 minutes and 100 messages can be stored each month.

The Pro plan offers 3 minutes of voice transcription for all voicemails, voicemail messages can be up to 5 minutes long with unlimited messages stored. As well as out-of-office messages and searchable voicemail for £4.99 per month or £49.99 per year.

Hullomail is available for Apple and Android phones from the App store and Play store respectively.

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