Linux Mint

In my spare time I am reinstalling old laptops and desktop computers for Tubbs Computer Supplies so they can be given to low income families. If you are a low income family, sign up to the Facebook group and request a computer.

All data is securely wiped from the computers prior to installation and due to license restrictions they are only supplied with Linux. Ideal for homework and accessing the Internet.

What is Linux Mint?

Linux Mint is a free operating system distribution. This means it has everything needed to install and run on a computer.

Linux Mint offers an easy environment for a beginner. Everything is made simple for users to be able to write documents (using LibreOffice Writer), surf the web and even read email.

Once installed it will give many years maintenance free service and can be used to bring new life into old computers.

One of the biggest advantages is that anyone can use it if you can use a keyboard and mouse.

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