DIY Smart Doorbell


Would you like to have a fancy doorbell like you see on the Internet, with a camera that you can see the caller on?

The Ring Doorbell allows your caller to contact you, but it has no screen so they can’t see you. This one does.

Raspberry Pi Smart Doorbell

If you’ve seen the Ring doorbell, you know just how expensive that doorbell is to buy, and it doesn’t come with a display for your caller to interact with you.

These guys have done a wonderful job of a wireless smart doorbell that uses a free and open source video conferencing system to announce when a caller is there and allow you to hold a 2 way conversation with the option of the video doorbell door release to let someone into the building. It’s wireless too, so you could be anywhere and know a package has been delivered.

You can build this smart doorbell by following the link to

Improving the doorbell

No Screen smaller version

If you look at the Raspberry Pi Zero W as the Raspberry Pi, remove the screen and make the case smaller, you can use the doorbell as an intercom system by using an Asterisk PBX.

Wireless doorbell

If you include a LiPo battery, the doorbell can be truly wireless, provided that it is charged regularly. Alternatively, use bell wire to provide power from the house. 

Metal wall plate

If you want a stronger wall fitting, a piece of metal bent at a right angle would provide a permanent fixing to the wall, which could be bolted to the bottom of the case.

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