Onboard Diagnostics (ODB-II) port on a vehicle used to connect a cable to a reader to read the car's diagnostic information

What is CANBUS?

If you are a driver, you probably have no idea what is going on in your vehicle. CANBUS is the benefit for all vehicle manufacturers

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A demonstration of an iPhone sending a video to the living room TV using Apple TV and AirPlay


One of the big advantages Apple has is the ability to do things easily, but often this comes at a cost. In the sense of

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3D touch sensor board where gestures can be made above the sensor without touching the surface and be interpreted by the computer as commands

3D touch pad

The mouse is classed as a 1D device because it works in one dimension to capture 2 directions, the X and Y. The touch pad

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What is a cricut?

You may have heard people talking about their “Cricket” machines, they aren’t talking about the sport but a craft machine used to draw on designs and cut them out.

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Mouse jiggler

Have you heard of a Mouse Jiggler? Some companies penalise their staff if they aren’t working at their desks and if the mouse stops moving,

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