Image showing how to override the temperature sensor on an iMac when changing the hard drive to a non Apple model or SSD. The connector is J4511

iMac drive upgrades

Apple did something strange with their iMacs between 2009 and 2011, they added a thermometer to the hard drive so if the drive overheated, the

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Floppy drive emulator enabling a computer with a floppy drive interface to use a USB memory stick as a stack of floppy drives and the button switches the file on the SD card to simulate a new floppy disk inserted.

Obscure adapters

There are a whole world of adapters and emulators available for hardware these days. The floppy drive emulator is something I’ve seen used for embroidery machines that still use floppy disks to load designs.

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Wireless terms

There are a bunch of terms used in wireless networks that most people don’t know the difference or what they mean, so here goes. AP

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I’ve been using Hullomail for some time now, it is a visual voicemail system that alerts you when someone calls and leaves a message on

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Back Market logo

Back Market

Back Market is an online marketplace dedicated to the reselling of refurbished devices, connecting buyers with trusted third-party sellers. It works a bit like eBay,

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Lakeside printing logo

New leaflets

I have been looking for a new printer for my leaflets for a while. The cheapest I found for years was one in London where

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Image of Enhanced Open Wi-Fi network, a network that offers no password authentication but encrypts the data between the computer and the base station as if it were a secure Wi-Fi connection

Enhanced Open Wifi

When Wifi was first implemented, there was a concept of “Open” networks, these had no authentication or encryption. We still have Open networks at hotels

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Onboard Diagnostics (ODB-II) port on a vehicle used to connect a cable to a reader to read the car's diagnostic information

What is CANBUS?

If you are a driver, you probably have no idea what is going on in your vehicle. CANBUS is the benefit for all vehicle manufacturers

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