Online learning

In this changing world, educating ourselves on different skills and training has become something we need to do at home. So I’ve compiled

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What is airprint?

It seems that printer manufacturers make printers more complex and you need their software and drivers to make the printer work, there must

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Dynamic DNS

Most servers on the Internet keep the same IP address all the time, it makes life easy for their users. However, users on

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6 Website myths

Here are some common myths associated with websites: 1. My site will sell itself – I don’t need to advertise Having a website

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Back in 1967, the Consumer Electronics Show was launched, and every year it shows off the latest tech every year in Las Vegas.

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Wifi 6E and 6GHz

Back in 1997, it was the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers that created a standard for wireless networking we still use today.

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