Mother’s Day

Reflecting on my past and the past of my family gives a technological insight into how my mother and her mother worked with that technology.

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F is for Facts

We live in a world full of facts, some of them are incredulous and others are seriously disturbing and strange. Like where the word Robot

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smd components

How things die

Let’s face it, technology doesn’t last forever. We are moving away from what is called discrete components to very small surface mounted components everywhere. With

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What’s inside?

Have you ever wondered what is inside your computer? If you wondered what powers your website and how it differs from your desktop PC, have

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silver hard drive interals

Hard drives

I was dismantling an old system and thought it would be a good idea to explain the history of these common devices we use to

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light trails on highway at night

Speedy September

We can feel autumn creeping in, the leaves are turning their autumnal shades and fall to leave interesting patterns on the ground; the days get

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The SuperIO

Back in the early 1980s, when IBM released their IBM PC they used dedicated chips to do everything. Serial and parallel cards were available to

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Zoho Remote Support

During lockdown I’ve been looking at solutions to help people with their computer problems as I can’t come out to them to fix the problem.

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