smd components

How things die

Let’s face it, technology doesn’t last forever. We are moving away from what is called discrete components to very small surface mounted components everywhere. With

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Raspberry Pi Pico

The Raspberry Pi Pico has been released. A £5 microcontroller board that can be used with GPIO accessories. You can program the board using MicroPython.

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Blue and white electric wires

What is TbE?

As we know everything gets faster. USB is faster, storage is faster so what about networking? This is where TbE comes in, so what is

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What’s inside?

Have you ever wondered what is inside your computer? If you wondered what powers your website and how it differs from your desktop PC, have

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Wall mounting

A side of computing that is rarely talked about is what to do with the desktop or tower PC case? If you have them on

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Apple M1

What is the M1? Why is Apple going away from Intel? Why is it only in the lower end Macs? So many questions, let’s dive

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What is Gen 4?

So what is Gen4? Well, since PCIe 4.0 is now available in new motherboards and computers, and enables the computer to talk to devices twice

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silver hard drive interals

Hard drives

I was dismantling an old system and thought it would be a good idea to explain the history of these common devices we use to

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analogue business close up computer

Wiping drives

When recycling and repurposing a computer, it is always best practice to wipe all data from the drive. The best way to do this is

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